lncLocator 2.0: a cell-line-specific subcellular localization predictor for long non-coding RNAs with interpretable deep learning


In this study, we present an updated cell-line-specific predictor lncLocator 2.0, which trains an end-to-end deep model per cell line, for predicting lncRNA subcellular localization from sequences.We first construct benchmark datasets of lncRNA subcellular localizations for 15 cell lines. Then we learn word embeddings using natural language models, and these learned embeddings are fed into convolutional neural network, long short-term memory and multilayer perceptron to classify subcellular localizations. lncLocator 2.0 achieves varying effectiveness for different cell lines and demonstrates the necessity of training cell-line-specific models. Furthermore, we adopt Integrated Gradients to explain the proposed model in lncLocator 2.0, and find some potential patterns that determine the subcellular localizations of lncRNAs, suggesting that the subcellular localization of lncRNAs is linked to some specific nucleotides.

Yang Lin
Yang Lin
Doctoral Assistant

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