Tricks on training LSTM with Pytorch

Training LSTM is not a easy thing for beginner in this field. There are a lot of tricks in choosing the most appropriate hyperparameters and structures, which has to be learned from a lot of experience. In this article, I'd love to share some tricks that I summarized from my experience and docs on the Internet.

Review on Natural Language Processing

Table of Contents Introduction Tasks of Natural Language Processing Phonology Phonetics Morphology Neural Networks for Morphology Syntax Semantics Methods of Natural Language Processing Recursive Neural Network Introduction Natural language processing is highly related to theoretical linguistics. This review aims to provide an overview of state-of-the-arts in the field of NLP under the categories in linguistics, through which I want to point out the meanings of our work.

Awesome Natural Language Processing

This is a list of resources dedicated to natural language processing. Distinguished books, courses, papers and softwares in this field are included, and their websites and, if any, other resources are provided.