What I live for

Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.

Bertrand Russell


I am a PhD student at AQUA lab at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. I am going to marry deep learing methods with SPAD iamge sensor/processor.

I love photography, reading and travel.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning
  • Bioinformatics
  • Ph.D. in Computational and Quantitative Biology, in progress

    École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

  • B.Eng. in Automation, 2020

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Research Intern
Sep 2019 – Sep 2020 Shanghai
Work on subcellular location prediction of long non-coding RNAs. We employ some new deep learning method such as BERT and Transformer to design an end-to-end subcellular location classifier for lncRNAs, and try to find some undiscovered features through the interpretation of our neural networks. Advisor Dr. Hong-Bin Shen and Dr. Xiaoyong Pan.
Research Intern
Jul 2019 – Aug 2019 Gainseville
Collabrated with Dr. Dapeng Wu, working on natural language processing. We improved Tree-LSTM to design a more powerful question-answering system based on similarity principle between parsing tree and parsing tree.
Research Intern
Dec 2017 – Feb 2019 Shanghai
Focused on image processing, especially medical image processing. Contributed in a software which aims to obtain the karayotype from microscopic chromosome images. AdvisorDr. Jie Yang


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